Thursday, October 05, 2006

It's Not Too Late to Graduate!

The Young Adult Borough Center at Staten Island Technical High School

A Partnership between The Department of Education and The New York Center for Interpersonal Development

  • Earn your High School Diploma in a full -time evening setting
  • Gain Valuable Work Experience
  • Individual Counseling
  • Academic Tutoring
  • Group Workshop

What is the YABC?

The YABC is a full time high school program designed to serve students ages 17 - 21 who have earned (17) credits. The center welcomes students who are not thriving in a traditional school setting, as well as young people who might have already "dropped out" of high school and have come to realized how important a High School Diploma is in today's world.

The Learning to Work Experience

"Learning to work" is an in-depth job readiness and career exploration component supported by the New York Center of Interpersonal Development. Our students are given the opportunity to explore potential careers by working in a paid internship. The YABC internship can also be used for elective credit. Our goal is to assist our students in zeroing in on the right career! The NYCID Job Developer and Career Counselor are on hand to offer Workshops such as "What do do on an Interview," "Resume Building," and "After You Have the Job Skills."

The Individual Counseling Element

With the help of the New York Center of Interpersonal Development, the YABC is able to provide personalized "one on one" counseling. NYCID counselors, spend time each week with students discussing "real life issues" and are on site to ensure that each student has all the tools he or she needs to succeed both personally and professionally.

The Academic Tutoring Element

The NYCID staffs a team of professional tutors who are on hand to offer FREE "one on one" tutoring for all YABC students. Additionally, SAT/ACT study periods are available.

Group Workshops

The NYCID staff conducts weekly "Real Life" workshops for the YABC students. Each workshop is geared toward ensuring that graduates of the program are aware of the important aspects of adult life. With workshops such as "Stress Management," Money Management," "Family Living," "Conflict Resolution" and many other topics, the NYCID staff is committed to educating and enhancing the perspectives of their students.

How to apply to the YABC

  • You must be between the age of 17 - 21
  • You must be enrolled in a NYC High School
  • You must have a a minimum of 17 credits

Students who meet this criteria can contact their high school Guidance Counselor and request a referral to the YABC at SITHS.

Young people who are currently not enrolled in high school must contact the school they were discharged from and re-register before requesting a YABC referral.

The New York Center for Interpersonal Development Staff can be reached at (718)947-4065 or (646) 678-1806.

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