Thursday, March 14, 2013

NYCID Announces New Board Members

The New York Center announces Board Officers and New Board member.

The Staten Island Advance reported this announcement this week. Please take a look at the link.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

After School for children at PS 21

[PS 21 after school program] 

NY Center After-School Program @ PS 21 on 168 Hooker Place provides after-school child care serves elementary school ages 5-12.

Our after-care program runs Mon-Fri from 3:00-6:00 pm. 
  • Children will have help doing their home work with PS 21 after-school staff. 
  • In addition staff engages children in a variety of enrichment and recreational activities.

The program provides a low staff/student ratio (1:10) which enables better supervision and an opportunity for each child to form relationships with our professional staff members.

If you would like orientation, the director will provide you an information package, which goes out to all interested and participants. 

For additional information contact:
Ivy Bilotti, After-School Child-Care Director
or Janice Williams

Advantage NYCID After School Program at McKee High School

[McKee After Three]

Students from McKee High School, both male and female, from 14 to 18 years old, like the benefits of the after school program. Students can enhance academic achievements and graduate on-time. Students will be involved with after-school activities that will also enhance their social skills...

“I like the program because you get to do a lot of stuff. The staff helps you to do better and they are fun. The activities are fun and it is a nice way to meet new people.” - an after school student

Benefits of participation
Students may attend numerous after-school programs, such as:
1.      Student leadership team – student representatives from Advantage Program will participate in department academic and guidance meetings and help implement school rules and activities.
2.      Zumba fitness – through a fun–filled fitness program students will learn the benefits of keeping fit and live a healthy life style.
3.      Pregnancy prevention and health awareness – students will be taught by facilitates with DOE curriculum and will help spread awareness with campaign activities throughout the school.
4.      Learning center – academic support is available for all students self-referred,  referred by a parent or teacher for tutoring and test help.
5.      Gym – students will play 3 on 3 basketball 5 days a week from the hours of 3pm to 5pm.

Recruitment and enrollment process and schedule
Students bring their letters home to their families. The school posts flyers around the school, distributes school announcements and word of mouth.

Students and parents complete a survey and consent form-, and discuss their In-take with the staff.

Program name and address
McKee after 3
290 St. Marks Place
Staten Island, NY 10301

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Olympus Academy Provides an Alternative Path to a Diploma

Students who have experienced a range of challenges at their current or past high school -- truancy, academic disconnect, peer issues and other problems -- often thrive at Olympus Academy.

Olympus Academy specifically serves NY City students 16-21 who are over-age and under-credited.  It’s a transfer school run by a partnership between the NY Center and the NY City Department of Education.

Our students benefit from extensive academic support as well as strong social emotional skills training that will prepare them for post-secondary life.   

Olympus Academy provides students a small-personalized school setting where students can get individual learning opportunities.  Students learn to work through paid internships and small-individualized advisory groups.
The school provides an accelerated credit model that combines traditional education with on-line curricula.  This blended learning model allows students to earn up to 18 credits a year. 

Students are rewarded for successes like credit accumulation, attendance, and on- the-job good behavior.  Rewards and incentives include tutoring, movie tickets, luncheons, and celebrations.

Olympus Academy operates from 9:15-3:25 pm during the school year.  We provide after-school tutoring, open gym for youth time and computer lab.

Recruitment and enrollment process and schedule

Staff welcomes new students year round.  They assess goals of both students and parents to determine whether there’s a good fit. 

For additional information contact

Dina Molina, Program Director
(718) 272-1926 ext. 1158

755 East 100th Street (entrance located on 101st street)
Brooklyn, NY 111236
Phone (718) 272-1926
Fax (718) 257-1700

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Preparing for High School Success (GPS)

[Getting a good start in high school]

Youngsters entering high school as freshmen with poor middle school attendance tend to continue their attendance problems – often the first step for dropping out. GPS (Graduate, Prepare, Succeed) can change that path.

At Port Richmond High School, NYCID provides those freshmen and continuing GPS sophomores, male and female, academic advisement and counseling on a daily basis. That support helps students overcome barriers to strong attendance, academic achievement, and healthy peer interactions. This provides extra credits for both freshman and sophomore students.

Their age ranges from 13 to 18 years old. 

The GPS program operates 7:00am to 2:45pm throughout the school year (0 period to 9th period) and most attend the Advantage After-School program  as well.

Sophomore Student reflecting on GPS: “It is fun, you go on fun trips. It’s cool to do the marking period luncheon. The staff is nice, easy to talk to, and there when you need them. 0 period benefits me. I love the breakfast on Friday mornings. I really like coming down to the office. I feel comfortable and happy when I am in the office.”

GPS Incentives – Students are rewarded for their success in academics, behavior and attendance. Such rewards include trips, movie tickets, baseball tickets, breakfast once a week, semester luncheons, tutoring, credit recovery, and celebrations.

Enrollment – over the summer months staff reaches out to incoming freshman and family based on poor student middle school attendance. Parents, guardians, and students meet with staff to explore middle school academic history and conduct a bio/psycho/social assessment and establish student contact information. The program is free to all eligible.

For additional information: Graduate Prepare Succeed (GPS)

Michael Candella, Program Director
85 St. Joseph’s Avenue
Staten Island, NY 10302

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The ACE Program: Achievement in Career and Education (ACE) Program

Tyrone Norfleet, a young man from our YAIP program, came in to share how grateful he is. He credited us with giving him his start. He said he uses the tools he learned during the interviewing and job readiness training process. He now works at the New York Times and understands how his behavior effects his promotions. He wants to come to the next graduation ceremony to speak to the new graduates.

If you are over 16, out of school, and without a job, you may want to explore ACE. The NYCID ACE program has three separate programs funded by NYC. Each one focuses on different goals and has slightly different requirements. All three include job readiness training.

As a participant you’ll learn the soft skills that businesses find current employees often don’t possess like work ethics, problem solving and other cognitive skills, oral communication skills, and Interpersonal and teamwork skills.

We are currently recruiting for all three programs. The literacy program is ongoing throughout the year. The OSY Program begins in early November 2012, and the YAIP Program Begins in late November 2012.

The best thing is to make an appointment to figure out what’s best for you. We can answer your questions and schedule an interview and TABE Testing for every potential participant, usually on Mondays and Tuesday mornings from 10:00 am -12:00pm. We will schedule TABE Testing upon request as well.

Here’s an overview that may help you understand the three programs, though.

WIA OSY: Is an out of school program for 17-21 year old youth from low income families interested in a training program that will provide work readiness training and skills, assistance in defining career options, and lead to job placement.

If you are prepared to make a commitment, you will receive that work readiness training followed by preparation to become certified nursing assistants.

The work readiness training will begin in early November 2012 at 26 Bay Street 3rd floor. The CNA classes will begin in December, 2012 on the CSI Campus. We continue to work with you for 9 months following the completion of the program while we help you find and maintain employment, pursue additional education, or successfully enlist in the military.

YALP: Young Adult Literacy Program is for disconnected youth between the ages of 16-24 who are reading below the 9th grade and want to attain your GED. You must read between a 4th-8thgrade reading levels. The literacy program will eventually make it possible for you to enter a GED program.

Once enrolled you must attend 80% or better of your classes and internship to be eligible for a $50.00 a week stipend. You will also receive vocational counseling and training to prepare for employment opportunities. To ensure continued success as you enter a GED program, staff expects you to stay in touch with you for at least nine months.  

YAIP: Young Adult Internship 16-24 year old disconnected youth who have not been in school for 3 or more months and who are not currently employed can apply to the Internship program.

If accepted, you will receive three weeks of work readiness training at 26 Bay Street and 11 weeks on the job training at an internship site that has agreed to help you learn an entry level job through a partnership with NYCID. At the close of the internship, and for the next nine months, our staff will help you find a job, pursue additional education, or enroll in the military.

For additional information contact:

Deborah Green
ACE Program
26 Bay Street, 3rd Floor
Staten Island, NY 10301
Regina Shields

Take Advantage of Advantage at Port Richmond High School

The NYCID Advantage After-School Program at Port Richmond High School welcomes the entire student body.

Signs are posted throughout the school informing the students of the activities like the step team, 3 on 3 basketball, culinary workshops, tutoring, fellowshipping, credit recovery, and snacks.

The Advantage Program operates from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm during the school year.

Meet and Greet takes place for students, parents, and staff members to become acquainted with our program and socialize over breakfast in the school cafeteria. Students can then sign up for activities in our office.

For additional information contact: 

Michael Candella, Program Director
85 St. Joseph’s Avenue
Staten Island , NY 10302

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Assist Children through Family Separation

What is A.C.T. – For the Children? (Assisting Children Through Transition)
A.C.T. – For the Children is a program designed to educate parents about the impact of their divorce, separation or breakup on their children. The primary goal of the program is to teach parents ways they can reduce the stress of family changes and protect their children from the negative effects of ongoing parental conflict.

“It’s amazing, the change. We communicate a lot better now,”  
This program changed our lives. It gave us all a new direction…one of hope and healing. I see too many people oozing with anger…I don’t want to go there anymore.”
It’s an enlightening experience for anyone going through a separation.”
 A child whose parents attended A.C.T. said,I can see a big difference. They can talk to each other now without yelling. That helps a lot. My stomach doesn’t hurt as much and I can concentrate better in school”

You may be required to attend this class if you are the parent of a child under the age of eighteen and are involved in a custody, visitation, divorce, separation, annulment or child support court action or proceeding.
Please note that the Parent A.C.T. Class may not be appropriate when domestic abuse is present. If you are involved with an abusive partner, you should leave a message for the A.C.T. Program Administrator at (718) 947-4048 for further information.
This class is also open to parents interested in learning conflict management skills for improving family dynamics.  You don’t have to be involved in court proceedings.
 Please note, you will not be placed in the same class as your ex-partner.

The 6-hour program features lecture, video and group activities. Classes are limited to 30 participants. This program does not provide counseling or support services.
Participants receive the Parents’ Handbook and the Parent’s Resource Guide which contains materials, articles, and a listing of sites for help and support for parents and children.
Classes are offered monthly by psychologists, family therapists, social workers, judges, lawyers and mediators. Information on class dates, times and location will be provided at the time of intake and registration.
  • The program fee is $100.
  • A sliding-scale discount based upon income is available for eligible clients. Eligibility will be determined at intake.
  • Acceptable methods of payment are cash, money order, or a credit card using our online Paypal link.

    • Pre-registration is required for all classes and walk-ins are not accepted.
    • If you need a Certificate of Compliance, you must attend the full 6 hours.
    • If you are unable to attend a class for which you have registered, you will need to re-register for another class.
    • Children are not permitted to attend classes.

    For more information or to register, please contact:

    Parents Assisting Children Through Transition
    NY Center for Interpersonal Development
    ACT Program Administrator
    130 Stuyvesant Place, 4th Floor

    Staten Island, NY 10301
    Tel: (718) 947-4048 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            (718) 947-4048      end_of_the_skype_highlighting 
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    Good Ways to Resolve Conflict

    You don’t have to stay stuck in conflict or resort to court action. Consider conflict resolution at the NY Center for Interpersonal Development on Staten Island. We can help.

    What is Mediation? How does it work?
    Mediation enables people in conflict to create their own mutually acceptable agreements to resolve their differences in a comfortable, informal setting, and to do so quickly and conveniently. 

    Participation in mediation is always voluntary, and everything discussed in mediation is confidential.  You do not need to have a lawyer but you are welcome to bring one if you want. Parties are asked to speak for themselves.

    People come to the mediation center on their own or through referrals made by the court system, law enforcement agencies, employers, lawyers, the clergy or other public and private agencies. For over thirty years, mediation has served as a court-approved alternative to civil litigation, criminal prosecution and other traditional avenues for resolving conflict.

    Men, women and families of every age, race, ethnic background, income and education level can avail themselves of mediation serves. Mediators can be provided for people who speak languages other than English. 

    What does the mediator do?
    Mediators do not act as judges or decision makers; rather, they empower people to resolve disputes for themselves. Our mediators are professionally trained with over 100 years of combined mediation experience.  They serve as impartial facilitators, ready to listen and take the time to help all the parties involved to reach mutually acceptable agreements. 

    Here are some of the types of programs and services the Staten Island CDRC at the NY Center for Interpersonal Development provides:

    Supreme Court  The Supreme Court Matrimonial Part Mediation Program offers custody and/or visitation mediation to litigants in the process of divorce.  Mediation services may be offered through judicial referral or at the parties’ choice.

    Civil Court  The Center provides mediation services to both represented and pro se litigants in the following Civil Court parts: Small Claims  - Civil Claims  - Housing Court  Civil Court mediation services are initiated either at the election of the parties or by judicial referral.

    Criminal Court  Based on referrals from the Staten Island District Attorney’s office, the First Time Offenders Program offers individuals charged with non-felony offenses the opportunity to participate in a Restorative Justice Model mediation process as an alternative to criminal prosecution.

    Special Education Mediation  This federally mandated mediation program allows schools and parents to come together to sort out differences on a child’s education plan.  Less stressful than an impartial hearing, this process allows all parties to be heard and to work together to develop a plan that is in the best interest of the child.

    Truancy Mediation  Truancy is often a symptom of a deeper problem.  Through mediation involving the school, the parents and the student, very often the cause can be identified and a plan developed to assist the student in getting back on track in school and at home.

    Peer Mediation (High Schools and Intermediate Schools)  Students are trained to mediate among their peers and encourage those in conflict to seek mediation before a conflict escalates to violence, thereby reducing violence in schools.  New York Center offers mediation training to both teachers and students and offers ongoing supervision and support of these programs.

    Workplace Conflict Management  Conflict in the workplace hurts business.  It can result in employee dissatisfaction, reduced productivity and high rates of employee turnover.  The Center offers a comprehensive range of services to businesses, from organizational assessment and conflict management design to individualized employee coaching and workplace mediation services.  Our focus is not only on addressing specific conflicts when they arise within an organization, but also on working with organizations to develop effective tools to manage conflict before it becomes a problem.  Because no two businesses are alike, all services are tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients.

    Community Mediation Mediation services are provided to the community, either through self-referral by the parties or by referrals from the police, social service agencies or other community organizations.  Issues such as neighbor disputes, noise complaints, parking issues, animal issues and other community and quality of life issues are addressed.

    Family Mediation  The Center has a comprehensive program designed to address multiple family conflicts.  Services provided include custody/visitation mediation, resolution of disputes between adult siblings or family members, and probate disputes.

    Parent/Child Mediation  Mediation has proven to be a useful tool in settling conflict between parents and adolescents.  It can improve communication and help both parents and teens learn how to “fight better” so that everyone wins. 

    Lemon Law Arbitration  Under the direction of the New York State Attorney General’s office New York Center’s state certified arbitrators hear cases under New York’s new and used car lemon laws.

    Do you have questions about whether you and your conflict could benefit from conflict resolution or mediation, call the Staten Island CDRC at the NY Center.