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Preparing for High School Success (GPS)

[Getting a good start in high school]

Youngsters entering high school as freshmen with poor middle school attendance tend to continue their attendance problems – often the first step for dropping out. GPS (Graduate, Prepare, Succeed) can change that path.

At Port Richmond High School, NYCID provides those freshmen and continuing GPS sophomores, male and female, academic advisement and counseling on a daily basis. That support helps students overcome barriers to strong attendance, academic achievement, and healthy peer interactions. This provides extra credits for both freshman and sophomore students.

Their age ranges from 13 to 18 years old. 

The GPS program operates 7:00am to 2:45pm throughout the school year (0 period to 9th period) and most attend the Advantage After-School program  as well.

Sophomore Student reflecting on GPS: “It is fun, you go on fun trips. It’s cool to do the marking period luncheon. The staff is nice, easy to talk to, and there when you need them. 0 period benefits me. I love the breakfast on Friday mornings. I really like coming down to the office. I feel comfortable and happy when I am in the office.”

GPS Incentives – Students are rewarded for their success in academics, behavior and attendance. Such rewards include trips, movie tickets, baseball tickets, breakfast once a week, semester luncheons, tutoring, credit recovery, and celebrations.

Enrollment – over the summer months staff reaches out to incoming freshman and family based on poor student middle school attendance. Parents, guardians, and students meet with staff to explore middle school academic history and conduct a bio/psycho/social assessment and establish student contact information. The program is free to all eligible.

For additional information: Graduate Prepare Succeed (GPS)

Michael Candella, Program Director
85 St. Joseph’s Avenue
Staten Island, NY 10302

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