Tuesday, October 02, 2012

The ACE Program: Achievement in Career and Education (ACE) Program

Tyrone Norfleet, a young man from our YAIP program, came in to share how grateful he is. He credited us with giving him his start. He said he uses the tools he learned during the interviewing and job readiness training process. He now works at the New York Times and understands how his behavior effects his promotions. He wants to come to the next graduation ceremony to speak to the new graduates.

If you are over 16, out of school, and without a job, you may want to explore ACE. The NYCID ACE program has three separate programs funded by NYC. Each one focuses on different goals and has slightly different requirements. All three include job readiness training.

As a participant you’ll learn the soft skills that businesses find current employees often don’t possess like work ethics, problem solving and other cognitive skills, oral communication skills, and Interpersonal and teamwork skills.

We are currently recruiting for all three programs. The literacy program is ongoing throughout the year. The OSY Program begins in early November 2012, and the YAIP Program Begins in late November 2012.

The best thing is to make an appointment to figure out what’s best for you. We can answer your questions and schedule an interview and TABE Testing for every potential participant, usually on Mondays and Tuesday mornings from 10:00 am -12:00pm. We will schedule TABE Testing upon request as well.

Here’s an overview that may help you understand the three programs, though.

WIA OSY: Is an out of school program for 17-21 year old youth from low income families interested in a training program that will provide work readiness training and skills, assistance in defining career options, and lead to job placement.

If you are prepared to make a commitment, you will receive that work readiness training followed by preparation to become certified nursing assistants.

The work readiness training will begin in early November 2012 at 26 Bay Street 3rd floor. The CNA classes will begin in December, 2012 on the CSI Campus. We continue to work with you for 9 months following the completion of the program while we help you find and maintain employment, pursue additional education, or successfully enlist in the military.

YALP: Young Adult Literacy Program is for disconnected youth between the ages of 16-24 who are reading below the 9th grade and want to attain your GED. You must read between a 4th-8thgrade reading levels. The literacy program will eventually make it possible for you to enter a GED program.

Once enrolled you must attend 80% or better of your classes and internship to be eligible for a $50.00 a week stipend. You will also receive vocational counseling and training to prepare for employment opportunities. To ensure continued success as you enter a GED program, staff expects you to stay in touch with you for at least nine months.  

YAIP: Young Adult Internship 16-24 year old disconnected youth who have not been in school for 3 or more months and who are not currently employed can apply to the Internship program.

If accepted, you will receive three weeks of work readiness training at 26 Bay Street and 11 weeks on the job training at an internship site that has agreed to help you learn an entry level job through a partnership with NYCID. At the close of the internship, and for the next nine months, our staff will help you find a job, pursue additional education, or enroll in the military.

For additional information contact:

Deborah Green
ACE Program
26 Bay Street, 3rd Floor
Staten Island, NY 10301
Regina Shields

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