Tuesday, October 03, 2006

New Beginnings

Are you struggling trying to get your 9th grader to go to class? Is your child failing out of 9th grade and in jeopardy of repeating classes yet again? If you answered yes to these questions, we may have a solution for you. New Beginnings is a one-year, 9th grade program for students ages 15-16 1/2, with fewer than 5 credits.

Staten Island New Beginnings excepts a maximum of 60 students and is designed to provide a highly personalized and supportive school setting to your child.

Key components of our model are: team teaching, and a maximum class registers of 20. While instruction is structured on a core, standards-based curriculum, with concentrated academic support, New Beginnings also offers your child an opportunity to gain important leadership and life skills.

So, if you would or your child would, like to earn 12-14 credits and "get back on track", please call Michael Candella, director of new beginnings at 1-718-947-4135 or email to mcandella@nycid.org or contact our principal at 1-718-947-4142.

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