Monday, November 20, 2006

Anglicans Explore Restorative Justice. Why not NYSDRA?

This report on a Canadian Anglican conference on Restorative Justice brought to mind an earlier report on the suit brought against IMAP and NYSDRA.

Anglican Diocese of Toronto: "Conference explores restorative justice

"Crime is more than the breaking of a law. It'’s the breaking of human relationships. How can we put things right?" - Dr. Pierre Allard

I can't help thinking that NYSDRA should consider introducing a restorative justice framework into the IMAP work with the victims of clergy sex abuse in the Albany Diocese. Money may help, but it doesn't necessarily facilitate healing.

I bet some face to face dialogue would go a long way in this situation. And, I suggest, since the church cover-up makes thdiocesanean hierarchy perpetrators of injustice along with the sex offenders, they should be participants in the process.

I appreciate how legally complicated the situation is, but it would be nice to see NYSDRA take the lead in exploring how to introduce a restorative justice framework.

Is it too late?

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