Sunday, December 17, 2006

Mediation to Enrich Child Protection Program in New Brunswick, Canada

These folks are adding mediation as a component of a major overhaul to the Child Protective Services System. Their goal in overhauling the system -- for social workers to focus on the children and families rather than the administrative and paperwork burden that encumbers so many bureaucracies. And when it comes to Child Protection, that administrative focus can yield death and devastation for the children. | December 17th, 2006

Under the province's reform plan [they] will also steer child protection cases away from the courts and into mediation.

"Since the majority of child protection cases require attention and services, but do not need court-ordered interventions, the mediation model will make the court actions a last resort rather than the norm," said Family and Community Services Minister Carmel Robichaud.

The child protection mediators will be specialized professionals and are intended to reduce the adversarial tone of the proceedings.

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