Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Diversity Film Showing Causes Controversy

The Eversham School District is under attack for showing "That's a Family!" What's your reaction?

I agree with this comment by Blue Jersey:
Blue Jersey: Covering NJ like a rug: "Some parents seem to be projecting their own predjudices onto their children, confident that like them, their children will also find the concept of same-sex couples outrageous. I tend to think we give children too little credit. They already have friends who live in married, divorced, and single parent families, interracial and mixed-religion familes, adoptive parents, grandparents as guardians, and yes, same-sex families. Teaching them that all their classmates are loved by their parents is not difficult for them to understand, though the same can't be said for some of their parents."

You can see the NBC news clip and link to the film's website at BlueJersey, too.

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