Friday, March 16, 2007

How to help your child cope with the break-up of the family

When their relationships fail, many parents ask themselves, "How can I help my children understand and cope with all these changes?"

Separation and divorce plunges every family into a difficult period. Both adults and children experience the trauma of this change. It doesn't matter how bad things were before the split; the actual separation brings its own set of issues.

Children are extremely vulnerable during this period. Children living through the break
up of their family due to separation and divorce may:
  • Feel anxious and worried about their family relationships and living circumstances
  • Blame themselves or others for the family changes
Not that every divorce leads to such negative effects on the healthy development of children (Click here for other factors)

You can take constructive steps to protect your children from the long lasting trauma that frequently results from separation and divorce.

Attend Assisting Children Through Transition -- A.C.T. for the Children -- a course offered by the New York Center, a certified Parent Education Provider.

To learn more about this program, contact us at 718-947-4048 or email us at

For information about the NYS Parent Education Initiative, click here.

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