Monday, April 02, 2007

Divorce is Painful Enough, Why Litigate?

Stop Dwelling on Blame & Conflict & Try Something New:

Consider Mediating Your Divorce...

Divorce Mediation is a confidential, informal dispute resolution process in which an impartial, third party mediator facilitates the discussion between the separating couple.

The mediator will help them:
o Identify the issues
o Reduce misunderstandings
o Clarify priorities
o Explore areas of compromise
o Find points of agreement

Mediation helps the parties
o Preserve relationships
o Avoid win-lose decisions
o Deal with multiple issues
o Maintain control over the process and its outcomes

Parties report high satisfaction because mediation
Deals with issues people feel are important
√ Allows people to be heard and participate fully
√ Increases their ability to understand and communicate with each other
Promotes the best interests of the children
√ Results in higher compliance
Reduces the monetary and emotional costs
√ Leads to speedier settlements

For more information call (718) 815-4557, and ask for the Mediation Department.

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