Friday, April 13, 2007

The Silver Lining in MySpace?

Has cryptic online 'computer speak' caused kids to forget how to write?

Joe Bellacero explains why he thinks popular social networks might just be a boon for students -- and how teachers can tap their hidden value.

A veteran New York City English teacher, Joe is now the associate director of The New York City Writing Project, a professional development organization that stresses teachers teaching teachers. As you can imagine, he knows a thing or two about the language arts.

Well, you could take that view. On the other hand, they are writing. And they're reinventing writing. If you take a broad view, it's similar to when English was coming into existence back in the days when German and French were being amalgamated, and people were unselfconsciously creating a language. I don't look at what's happening on the Internet with language as if kids are losing something. I think they're developing something. They're developing something new -- and don't forget, they'll be taking over after you and me.
Read Joe's thoughts and suggestions about to use My Space productively:
The Silver Lining in MySpace? - Visual Thesaurus Online Edition:

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