Monday, May 14, 2007

Being Reflective - Recent Statistics

In the Dispute Resolution field, whether as a mediator, negotiatior or other conflict engager, it is always important to reflect on our practice and to debrief after action.

Recently, the Community Mediation Program had the opportunity to examine the work that it has done and found a few noteworthy points about our practice.

· 88% of all complaints are appropriate for mediation

· 91% of all scheduled mediations are held

· 87% of all sessions held achieve resolution

In addition, we found the follwing about the past year's worth of service:

· The Small Claims Pilot Program increased direct services within Civil Court by 200%.

· $878,491.72 was awarded, entered into judgment or restitution paid through dispute resolution services. (March 2006-2007)

· The Supervised Visitation Program provided a total of 12,816 direct client contact hours to 43 families. (September 2004 to December 2006)

· Participants in the Assisting Children Through Transition (ACT) Parent Education Program said,

o 81% of parents indicated a greater understanding of how children are affected by the break up or divorce; and

o 89% stated that they learned valuable ways to help strengthen their relationship with their children

For more informatio about any of these programs, contact us at 718-815-4557. We look forward to working with you.

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