Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Youth Sports: Cheating, Arguing, and Overall Abuse

Here's the good, the bad, and the ugly about what parents and coaches have been teaching youth in sports programs across the country. From a survey by the National Alliance for Youth Sports.

National Alliance for Youth Sports: "What makes much of these findings even more frightening are the explanations given for them.

Fourteen percent of all youth surveyed claimed that cheating was acceptable behavior, and 32 percent said arguing with officials is just part of the game.

Unfortunately, the responses from the parents and coaches were not much better. Of the coaches surveyed, 7 percent claimed to allow cheating, 8 percent encouraged players to hurt opposing athletes, 33 percent admitted to yelling at players for mistakes, and 20 percent admitted to making fun of less skilled players.

Thirteen percent of parents admitted to criticizing their child’s athletic performance, and sadly, 4 percent of the athletes recalled a coach hitting, kicking, or slapping them.

This study is in line with an unfortunate growing trend in youth sports today, one that favors the win-at-all-cost philosophy over fun, participation, and safety."

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