Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Medical Billing Course for Parents

Our after school program at Curtis High School sponsored a medical billing course for 22 unemployed parents -- the first time we've ventured into programming for parents that focused on a subject other than parenting.

Parents often brought their children along. They could do their homework while their parents learned.

Parents met the school staff and became more familiar with the help available for their children. They learned more about the after school program, too. And, one parent found the help she needed to get her child tested for a learning disability she suspected, but had never been diagnosed.

So, we're excited about this course and the potential for other courses for parents in the future. So are the participants.

Everyone finished the course. Now we're watching to see how many get jobs.

Congratulations, graduates. And, best of luck. You've set a wonderful example for your children.

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