Friday, October 17, 2008

Gregory Hutchins Moves to Tottenville High School

Gregory Hutchins

From Robert Busan:

It is with great sadness yet with indescribable pride that I announce the resignation of Greg Hutchins from his position with the NY Center at Curtis High School. Greg has been offered a wonderful opportunity to begin working as a substance abuse prevention counselor at Tottenville High School for the Dept. of Education. The good news for New York Center is that he will continue to work for us at Curtis in the After School program so we won’t lose him completely.

During Greg’s eight years at New York Center and specifically at Curtis High School he has proven himself to be a man of impeccable personal qualities. His position and stature as a colleague, as a professional and as a mentor to countless number of young people over the years are undoubtedly irreplaceable.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to walk down the hall of Curtis with Greg, well, let me tell you that it is inspiring. Everyone knows him, everyone greets him and everyone, everyone, respects him. His cool, calm, gentle demeanor with a smile that would disarm anyone, draws young people to him to share and seek relief from whatever pains them. It doesn’t stop there because they also come to him to see that smile, share a laugh or two and let him know they are ok. They know he cares. These qualities make him unique and damn near as priceless as a human being can get.

We have been privileged to have him at Curtis and I know that Tottenville will discover how lucky they are quick as a wink. So raise a glass with me and wish Greg the best in his journey. God Speed our friend!
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