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Learning to write

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From Robert Busan: In celebration of April as National Poetry month our elementary after school programs at PS 13, PS 30, and PS 50, are writing poems about their heritage and diversity. Here are poems by two of the students from PS 13 as a sample of what our children are writing.

Where I come from by Quadir Gatling, 2nd grade

I come from Africa

it’s a wonderful place it feels

like a new heaven.

My Skin

My skin is tan, my skin is tan

it doesn’t matter what are skin

color is. So we are all safe.

My Life

My life is great but some

people make fun of me about

my skin but I just walk

past them.

my friends

are all colors it’s good too

have friends like that because we

learn about each other.

My Family by Zene’ Ezell, 5th grade

My family is from everywhere

all around the globe

even though we’re scattered

New York is our home

from Kingston Jamaica

to California, L.A.

these places aren’t close

but they aren’t far away

half of us are Christians

Jehovah Witnesses too

even though people don’t like us

for each other, we come through

people can be racists

my family doesn’t care

we think & know we’re special

we won’t be afraid of a bear

each family is different

in their own special way

from all the places we come from

New York is our home to stay

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