Monday, August 03, 2009

See the Wizard of Oz Wednesday, August 5th

Hello everyone,
Well, we are rapidly approaching the big day.

Wizard of OZ
Performed by the participants in the NY Center Drama Camp
200 Adelaide Ave. in Oakwood –


The cast has been rehearsing, sets have been designed and built; there is excitement is in the air and it is being felt all over Staten Island.

We hope you are planning to attend to see what incredible work is done by our drama teacher, Tracy Rosenberg, and our dance instructor, Lee Tanenbaum. Then, of course, there is the amazing and wonderful work the young people have poured into making the production a reality.

I have attached a few pictures of the production crew preparing the sets. Note the great houses created for the Munchkins. Isn’t it great? It is not to be missed!

Will you be there? I hope so. Robert

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