Friday, February 19, 2010

Giving the GED a good name

Jennifer Saladis
The Advance featured our ACE program in it's article on GED's today. Jennifer and her staff have lots of success stories so the good press is well deserved.

Giving the GED a good name - Page 2 - "Ms. Saladis said a successful GED program is one that not only teaches the material necessary for the test but encourages students to know they're capable of reaching their goals. The typical student attends the ACE program for three to four months and receives counseling and personalized attention from the professor. ACE also offers counseling for those who are struggling in their personal lives so that they can focus on their coursework.

The staff has accompanied students to pregnancy clinics, offered support to victims of abuse and helped one homeless student find housing.

Ms. Salatis said 78 percent of the students who go through the program either wind up in college or enter the workforce.

'Everyone has a million different reasons for coming here,' she said. 'They're not because they gave up.'"

We agree with Councilwoman Debi Rose, too, when she points out the City's need to invest in keeping kids engaged in school so that they don't drop out. We know she'll work hard to replace the drop-out prevention funding that's been cut.

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