Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thanks to NYCID Partner Tottenville Principal, John P. Tuminaro

The NY Center honors John P. Tuminaro, Principal, Tottenville High School at our June 9th Celebrating Partnerships Fundraising Auction

John P. Tuminaro, who has served as principal of Tottenville High School for the past 11 years, traces his educational roots and his professional career for several decades to Staten Island.  After graduating from Wagner College, Mr. Tuminaro settled on Staten Island where he began his educational career as a teacher of Social Studies, first at Susan Wagner High School and then Tottenville High School.

Mr. Tuminaro’s three children all attended public school on Staten Island as Mr. Tuminaro’s career took him from Tottenville High School to James Madison High School in Brooklyn.  He then moved on to the High School for Telecommunication Arts and Technology in Brooklyn, where he served for 12 years as an Assistant Principal.

Since 1999, he has served with pride as the Principal of Tottenville High School and since September 2007, he has had the pleasure of working alongside the New York Center for Interpersonal Development (NYCID) as the host Principal for the Staten Island Young Adult Borough Center (YABC).

Thousands of Staten Island YABC students who have turned their lives around have benefited directly from the support Mr. Tuminaro provides the SI YABC.

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