Sunday, October 03, 2010

Michael O'Brien Joins the NYCID Board

Michael O'Brien
The NY Center Board of Directors welcomes Michael O’Brien to the Board. He is a partner at O’Brien and Jacobs, PLLC in Manhattan.

Why did Michael join the Board?
“I come from a modest background, the son of an electrician and a nurse. I worked hard in school, stayed out of trouble, and was the first person in my family to go to college and then to law school, eventually starting my own law firm in lower Manhattan.  Some people like to use the phrase "self made man." I don't. I did not achieve my goals by myself - I had numerous mentors, advisors, teachers, and supporters along the way. That’s why I want to support NYCID - to help today's young adults achieve their goals.” 

Michael O'Brien is an experienced trial attorney with numerous successful jury verdicts throughout the New York State Supreme Courts and New York City Civil Courts. He represents institutional and individual clients in complex civil litigation in a broad range of areas, including general negligence, medical malpractice, wrongful death, toxic tort, real estate, constitutional law, trademark and copyright infringement, securities fraud, and business disputes. In additional to trial work, Michael's courtroom experience also includes successful appeals in New York State Appellate Courts.

Why would a successful trial attorney support an agency with a mediation center?
“Too often in litigation, the parties drift far apart, to the point where they refuse to agree to anything, even common courtesies that neither harm nor help the case.  An effective mediation brings the parties back together, usually leading to a settlement that everyone can live with.  This reduces the burden on our already over strained court system, and leaves both parties relatively pleased with the result.”

Michael, a Rhode Island native, attended law school in Boston and now lives on Staten Island where his wife, Meaghan Murphy, grew up. He lives on Grymes Hill with Meaghan and his son, Luke

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