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Behind the Scenes: Maryann Lauria, Board Vice Chair & Secretary

Maryann Lauria

What surprised Maryann Lauria when she made the transition from a career in financial services to the not-for-profit sector was that, as different as they are, the nonprofit sector is still a business. Success still depends on solid financial management, good organizational skills and productivity. And, Maryann says that the New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NYSPCC), where she is director of development, practices those skills better than any of the for-profit firms where she was employed.

Maryann Lauria joined NYCID’s board three years ago for two reasons. First, she and her husband, Nick Popolo, believe in giving back to their community. That’s Eltingville, Staten Island, ever since this Brooklynite joined her new husband here five years ago. Then, when looking for how to give-back, Maryann found NYCID.

“I was drawn to NYCID when I met some of the staff,” she said. “Their passion for the work and commitment to the people they serve is above and beyond that found in most organizations. I feel lucky to be on the board of such a great organization. And, I have such respect for the talents and skills of the other board members, each in their own field.”

That’s significant praise from a person whose fundraising expertise has put the NYSPCC in the black every year since she joined them seven years ago.

Maryann earned her undergraduate degree in general business, marketing and law at Pace. When she changed careers she complemented that background with an MPA from NYU. She changed careers because she felt unfulfilled in the financial sector and wanted to use her business skills to benefit families and children. She has four brothers and 14 nieces and nephews that mean the world to her. She’d like other families to be strong and healthy, too.

Maryann and Nick balance their professional and civic lives with family, friends and travel. Maryann’s advice? When on a trip, balance each day with a mix of tourist attractions and wandering – seeing the world through the eyes of the locals. Whether she’s in the Caribbean, Las Vegas or Paris, she looks for that balance.

Maryann helps NYCID keep the right balance, too, between business and service. We’re lucky to have her on our board. Thank you, Maryann.
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