Monday, July 11, 2011

Congratulations to Dina Molina, Olympus Academy's new Program Director

Hi All:

I am very pleased to announce the promotion of Dina Molina to Program Director and Co-Leader of Olympus Academy. Dina has been with New York Center for Interpersonal Development (NYCID) since 2009 as an Advocate Counselor and most recently as Interim Program Director. She did this while working towards her Masters in Social Work, which she will receive this August from CUNY Hunter College.

Dina’s performance at Olympus Academy has been influential for NYCID’s excellent record of collaboration, problem solving and conflict resolution, and leadership. Dina is known for her ability to be a team player, overcome problems during challenging times and her engagement skills with students, parents and DOE administration and teachers.

The quality of dedication is very important for NYCID’s long term success. We look forward to Dina’s ability to achieve the highest standards at Olympus Academy in her new role as Director.

Congratulations, Dina!

Dominick J. Brancato
Executive Director
New York Center for Interpersonal Development


akasha's creations said...

YAY DINA!!!! Sooo proud of you!

Anonymous said...

YAY DINA!!! Im sooo proud of you!