Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Moving on...

In May of 2011 we said farewell to one of the Young Adult Borough Center (YABC)'s most dedicated advocates.

Joseph Skinner was a personal advocate on the YABC team since the inception of the Learning to Work Program in 2005.

Each day, Joseph brought to the table a myriad of skills and tools which helped him not just connect with students but to create long-lasting relationships.

When asked why he relentlessly made calls and home visits or climbed stairs night after night to counsel students, Joe would always say, "Someone reached out to me once and now I am giving back."

A normal occurrence at the YABC is to have young graduates returning to visit Joe to thank him for encouraging them to think about their choices enough to make the right decisions.

He is most definitely a mold that has been broken.

Joseph leaves us as he retires to enjoy his golden years.  He has begun volunteering as a counselor for young men and women coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan. 

--Michael DeVito, YABC Program Director 

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