Sunday, August 13, 2006

NY Center Certified to Offer ACT for the Children

Children need both parents. Without care, parents' anger toward each other during separation or divorce proceedings can easily color their relationships with their children. Children may be misused as messengers or may develop guilt feelings about loving, and wanting to be loved by, both parents.

The NY Center has been certified by the NYS Court System to offer ACT for the Children, a six-hour course that individual parents can take to learn ways to reduce the stress of the family break-up and protect their children from ongoing parental conflict. ACT stands for "assisting children through transition."

The course is open to all parents, although the Court may mandate it for some. The couples attend separate sessions. The course costs $80; some scholarships are available. A $10 non-refundable fee is due at registration.

Make sure you disclose any history of domestic violence during intake. Because of the power issues in domestic violence, victims may not find the course useful.

Session dates are listed on the NY Center Calendar. For more information or to register, you can contact: A.C.T. Program Administrator, (718) 947-4048 or Email

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