Friday, September 22, 2006

Gary goes to the Citizens Police Academy

Our own Gary Carsel has decided to go the Citizens Police Academy as part of our effort to work with the Police here in Staten Island. Over the coming weeks, Gary will chronicle his journey.

I had visions of mediating disputes from under overturned stones, and was inspired by a story about a Maryland mediation center’s involvement with their local police department. With this in mind, I started the New York City Citizens Police Academy, as the sole representative from Staten Island.

The Academy is an abridged, but not sanitized, rookie eye view of being a police officer. We learn about the laws, we learn about the successes and failures of the Department, we learn the administrative nuts and bolts of the Department, we get arms training, terrorist training, we do a ride along. You think of an exciting/interesting aspect of police work and we will be doing it in this 14 week program.

I am loving it! I am being exposed to another culture I know nothing about. I am being led by officers who are honest, smart, enthusiastic, and witty. They are people it is a pleasure to spend hours with.

Our first session a week ago Wednesday was an overview of the aspects of Police work we would receive instruction on. Each of the instructors gave a short lively presentation about the area they would be instructing us in. The Chief of the Police Academy gave welcoming remarks.

The second session, last Tuesday evening, we learned all about the hierarchy within the Police Department, the Police Department blemishes, and the ways the Police Department serves their communities.

Next week will be People in Crisis.

I am already there!


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~Michael~ said...


I would love to learn a bit more about what this entails. As far as what one would have to do in order to join.

I had this crazy-overwhelming feeling this week to become a police officer. Just like all of a sudden and out of the blue and such.

My wife said that it's because I have a need to do something good.
That makes sense I suppose.
I think we all wanted to be cops as kids. Except for the kids who wanted to be robbers, of course.

It sounds like you're getting a lot out of the experience.