Friday, September 15, 2006

Introducing the NY Center's Blog Spot Team

You've probably noticed that I'm the one doing all the posting - But no more! Over the next week you'll have the opportunity to meet a handful of the staff at the NY Center who will join me posting here.

We're a hardworking and passionate crew, dedicated to the NY Center's mission. We love sharing what interests us and hope it will interest you.

Let me go first -- Introducing Ruth Wahtera...
I edit the enewsletter (please sign up in the box on the sidebar). I'm also a Board member and staunch supporter of the NY Center. I pay my bills by writing - mostly for non-profits - grants, websites, brochures, and such.

For the staff, I'm the voice on the phone. I sit in on meetings via conference calls, since I live in the Hudson River Valley, some distance from Staten Island. Because I work long distance, I push technology. How else can I do it faster and easier long distance?

I like to know what the facts are; what the reseach shows; what the participants think; who the target audience is. You've probably gathered that!

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