Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Is the Emphasis on Diversity Undermining Equality?

Here's a provocative post at MoneyLaw pitting diversity and equality. Using Michaels' new book, The Trouble with Diversity: How we Learned to Love Identity and Ignore Inequality, as his starting point, Jeff Harrison makes the argument that "In seeking diversity the search is on for what seems to be the least diverse candidates possible."

MoneyLaw: Race, Class and Diversity:
"Looking at the books we read, the TV shows we watch, and the lawsuits we bring, Michaels shows that diversity has become everyone’s sacred cow precisely because it offers a false vision of social justice, one that conveniently costs us nothing. The Trouble with Diversity urges us to start thinking about real justice, about equality instead of diversity. Attacking both the right and the left, it will be the most controversial political book of the year."
I haven't read the book, but the argument seems to be that while looking for candidates with diverse roots, employers look for similarity in education - the 'right' schools, attitudes, and lifestyle -- people who look different but think, talk, and act alike.

What's your experience?

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Anonymous said...

I think you and Harrison are right on this. The search of diversity is for diverse-looking candidates who are not actually all that diverse.