Monday, February 12, 2007

Mediation To Stay Married

I love finding new applications for mediation. Here's one I haven't seen before from Laurie Israel. Her website offers some interesting case examples, if you're interested.

Mediation To Stay Married: "'I started this area of practice after years as a divorce attorney, encountering couples who regretted not working on their marriages when they had the chance. With this in mind, I looked for another way to help. With the expanding legality of postnuptial agreements and the effectiveness of marital mediation, I try my best to bring people back together, and make the marriage work. People need to know that there are resources for them!'"

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Kathy Vaughan said...

Viewing mediation as a facilitated dialogue allows for the use of mediation when parties encounter an impasse, but also when parties suspect a particular conversation might be difficult and need more support to be constructive. The latter is almost like viewing the glass as half full, rather than half empty; Using mediation to promote and sustain current health and wellbeing, not just to enable parties the potential to return to a prior state, without the presenting conflict or tension.