Wednesday, February 14, 2007

"The Relationship" -A mediator's growth opportunity?

So, why think about mediation on a day about romance and love?

On Valentine's Day, individuals around the country, perhaps even the world, seek to find and celebrate love, most often by saying sweet nothings, giving gifts and showing intense intention on the person of their affection. (One exception might be in Japan where there are separate holidays for men and women, see White Day). During this focus on love, we tend to get all hyped up in "The Relationship," and The Romance. (For those who are single, we might talk about hopes and dreams for them and seek kinship with other singles or family and friends). Valentine's Day has become a day when we want to know that we are loved. Many of the signs of love are those the world can see or that they can hear about in a story. The high expectations can result in estacy or despair.

Again, the question, why talk about mediation on Valentine's day? Dina Beach Lynch suggest that mediators might be "love coaches" I know that the skills of mediation have helped me in my personal relationship to create space and structure for conflict and difference. Why then, not offer this to the relationships of our clients - a purpose driven mediation, seeking to assist individuals in a relationship to engage in constructive dialogue about issues of concern. Laurie Isreal also suggests that mediation can help people stay married. A provocative idea.

Why not consider mediation then on this day of love and how it can enhace our relationships?

Happy Valentines Day.


youtube said...

Great news



Dina Lynch, said...

Thanks, Kathy, for sharing your experiences with love and mediation.

As mediators, we have the opportunity and capacity to help so many more people when we broaden our view of our value and services. The fact that the use of pre-nuptial agreements has risen 67%, according to the Academy of Matrimonial Attorneys, suggests that there's room for mediators who specialize in pre-nupts.

Thanks to you and your organization (Go NY!) for helping to expand our profession's world view.


Dina Beach Lynch
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Candace said...

Since becoming a mediator in 1996 I have learned to use those skills in my personal life, whether it is with my husband, my children or the extended family.

I certainly agree that bringing it into the work that we do can only help strengthen the relationships of people so that they too can find the structure and balance when they are trying to discuss the issues at hand.