Thursday, March 22, 2007

Diversity in our midst

We all know Staten Island is unique, in so many ways, but also a rapidly changing community. A recently published US Census report shows that Staten Island had the 2nd largest population gain in the state since the 2000 Census - A 7.6% growth in 6 years.

The report identified that much of the population growth is due to immigrants, a trend anticipated to continue over the next 25 years. Between 2000 and 2006, 12,944 people migrated to Staten Island from around the world, representing about 40% of the population growth during that time.

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To learn about how to celebrate the cultural diversity in our community, join the Mosaic Coalition. Contact Mike Baver at 718-947-4121.

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Kathy Vaughan said...

To get a fuller picture of the economic outlook for Staten Island, consider attending the Fifth Annual Breakfast of the Staten Island Job Service Employer Committee, Tuesday May 15th. The Keynote is "What's next for Staten Island's economy (An Outlook for Business). NY Center actively participates in JSEC as part of its work to build community.

For more information, contact John Mastellone, Department of Labor at 718-390-8341.