Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Mediating Difficult Decisions Regarding an Aging Family Member

Many years ago, when a parent grew older, they moved in with one of their children or a family member for the remainder of their life. In today's world, more choices bring increased anxiety and sometimes conflict.

The conversation about how to support a quality lifestyle for an aging parent is a tough one. The decisions impact every family member. Many adult children find themselves caring not only for their children, but also for an aging parent. In many families, one member in particular takes on the role of caretaker.

Increasingly, families are turning to the process of mediation to explore all viewpoints, investigate all options, and make family decisions about the care of their elderly. Mediation offers a neutral, safe, and structured process that supports participation and informed decision-making.

The issues that need attention often include:
  • Residence
  • Medical Options
  • Power of Attorney
  • Estate and Trust matters
  • Financial Support
  • Caregiving options

A recent CBS Evening News Piece highlighted a story of a family who used mediation to make decisions related to residence, finances, and caregiving.

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