Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Since when is changing your mind a bad thing?

Diane Levin has an interesting post over at her Online Guide to Mediation Blog-

"There is no greater insult in America today than 'flip-flopper', a label anyone with political ambitions is eager to avoid. It's as if the act of changing one's mind as the result of reasoned self-reflection is somehow as shameful, as, say, lying about sex with an intern, rather than a mark of maturity and character.

Certainly anyone who changes their views with the prevailing wind as a matter of political expediency deserves our condemnation, as do those who fail to keep their promises, both political and otherwise.

But as a mediator I have to ask, what's so great about consistency anyway? If you're going in the wrong direction, what's the problem with heading in a better one? When exactly did it get to be a bad thing... Read more at Online Guide to Mediation: Since when is changing your mind a bad thing?:
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