Thursday, April 12, 2007

Learning what to do when your Landlord Tenant relationship goes south....

Each week, we receive inquiries from individuals who are having major problems in their landlord tenant relationship. Issues include unpaid rent, lack of repairs, breakdown in communication. Unfortunately, many most people don't approach these issues in a cooperative way, but rather avoid, stonewall or harass, thereby escalating the conflict. Part of the reason is false assumptions about what rights landlords and tenants possess in New York State.

If this describes YOU, consider attending a free Seminar put on by the Unified Court System on "Tenant Rights and Responsibilities", April 25th, from 1 to 2 pm at Richmond County Civil Court. Click here for more information.

Please remember that mediation is also an option to assist resolving landlord tenant disputes and as a process provides parties in dispute with much more control of the process and the outcome. For example, when a mediation occurs - at a time determined by the party, including during weekday evenings.

Interested in knowing more, please contact us at 718-947-4037 to request mediation.

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