Friday, March 28, 2008

What makes a child want to be a leader?

These survey results, reported in the Washington Post, raise some questions for those of us in the youth development business to contemplate. I look forward to reading more about the survey. The article made me wonder about us.
  • When we were kids, did we aspire to be leaders when we grew up?
  • Did we even think about leadership then?
  • Or, were we already leaders, but without consciousness and sophistication?
  • Are kids today turned off by responsibility, the style of leadership they see, the complexity of the problems in the world -- or have they just never considered the topic?
  • Or, are they just not developmentally ready to contemplate leadership?
Read the article and tell me what you think.

Leaders of tomorrow reject role? - Washington Post-
A new nationwide survey of girls and boys found that a majority of children and youths in the United States have little or no interest with achieving leadership roles when they become adults, ranking "being a leader" behind other goals such as "fitting in," "making a lot of money" and "helping animals or the environment."

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