Friday, May 23, 2008

Reflecting on Our Mothers

At the NY Center we use holidays as a time for reflection, especially in our youth program. Here are some of the thoughts Mother’s Day stimulated this year.

From the Young Adult Borough Center (our alternative high school):

Sasha Webb believes that this is the first time her mother has truly had faith in her. Her mom has always expected the world of her. But now, she believes in her because Sasha is focused on graduating. Sasha said “She knows I got it in me now. And she’s proud because I’ll be the first of my brothers and sisters to graduate high school.”

Joseph Donovan feels that the YABC was the best thing he could have done for his relationship with him parents – but particularly his mother. “Mom’s not constantly upset with me anymore. She’s not taking calls from my school any more either. And, that makes our day to day life much easier. Also, she believes now, more than ever, that I am going to graduate.”

Erica Reems says: “My mom knows I am focused on going to college now which is her dream for me. The pressure is off both of us because of the new direction my life has taken. We actually talk about the future instead of arguing about whether or not I am doing all that I can.”

Ashaye Taitt feels that that the YABC has opened up her relationship with her mother. “It used to be that I would hide them – but now – I show her all my Report Cards! Mom even promises to buy me a car for graduation!”

Each of these kids agreed that their relationships with their mothers are all better off now that they come to school and pass their classes. It seems that it’s a two way street for them.

From McKee After 3 (our after school program at McKee High School)

By: Torrick Allums
My Auntie, AKA my mother, helps me with school by telling me what I need to do in school and to be the best kid I can be in my life. She is the best mother that I have. She is the mother I have always wished for in my life. She will always tell me what I need to do better in my school work and homework. I will tell her thank you for all you have done for me and I love you very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very much.

By: Tyler Wright
My mom has helped me be successful in school by making sure I do my homework every night and helping me with it. Also, every night, my mom tells me to read an article out of the newspaper so I can keep up with current events.

My mom has helped me be successful in life by making sure I do good in school, don't hang around the wrong people, don't get into trouble, telling me to be home at a certain time and, most of all, to always have good manners because manners carry you a far way.

My mom is a good mom because she buys me things that I want and need. She cooks for me. She helps me do good in school and helps me out when I am in trouble.

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