Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Nancy & Sid give advice about conflict

[Landlord/Tenant Issues]
Dear Nancy and Sid,
I’m a wreck as a result of some of the battles I’ve been having with my landlord. He’s threatening to evict me for not paying the rent but he hasn’t fixed my plumbing. What can I do? Go to court?—Joanne

Dear Joanne,
Have you tried conflict resolution? Rather than go to court, you could both work with a neutral person trained to help you work together to find a solution acceptable for you both. Learn more about NYCID’s conflict resolution program here.

[Special Education Plans]
Dear Nancy and Sid,
My child’s school and I disagree about her special education plan. It’s not helping anyone, especially my child. This is her future. I can’t give up. – John

Dear John,
The best plans are those you and the school work on together. Less stressful than an impartial hearing  a federally mandated mediation session can provide the flexibility and support of a trained neutral party to devise a plan in the best interest of your child. Want to know more? Give us a call at 718-815-4557 or read more about how this works.

[Lemon Law Negotiations]
Dear Nancy and Sid,
The car I bought is a lemon and the dealer could care less. I’m just getting the run-around. Can you help?  My friend Mike told me you helped him. – Elaine

Dear Elaine,
The Lemon Law is just one of several kinds of conflicts everyday people like you can get help with at the SI Community Dispute Resolution Center. Our staff deals with court cases, family issues, neighborhood  arguments, workplace and other issues that cause anger and frustration.

You can read more about the Lemon Law and many other types of mediation here.

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