Tuesday, October 02, 2012

The Staten Island Young Adult Borough Center offers a different route to a diploma

Are you looking for an alternative route to earning your high school diploma? For a place that will treat you as an adult? For paid internships and workshops to learn to work? Or for someone who can help you to plan your future or deal with issues making it hard to be successful with academics?

The Staten Island YABC offers students a fresh start in a small school that provides students more time with teachers and support from counselors.  YABC is an environment where student learn to be accountable for their actions and responsible for their success and well-being.

The YABC class schedule is designed like a college setting where students attend school in the evening and alternate classes on Monday/Wednesday and Tuesday/Thursday.

The program offers goal-oriented counseling services.  Students have the opportunity to participate in the YABC’s Learning To Work Initiative which allows them to receive work-readiness classes and be matched with paid internships designed around career interests.

Students earn an official high school diploma from the high school that transferred them into the program.  (Example, If John Smith first attended Susan Wagner High School and did not finish in four years, he could be transferred to the YABC program to complete his degree and still receive his diploma from that school). 

"Hi Michael!  It's Samantha Guzman.
 I just wanted to write you real quick. I just left my orientation for beauty school, which I'm starting Monday. I'm so excited. I'm still working at the salon where you placed me and I absolutely love it still.

I just want to say thank you for helping me in every way you did. I wouldn't be where I am now without you guys. You and everyone at YABC helped me more than you guys will know and I am forever grateful for that. “

The Young Adult Borough Center (YABC) serves New York City School students ages 17 ½ to 21 years old.  Students are able to transfer in from an official Department of Education High School.  Students entering the YABC program must have attended four years of high school and have a minimum of 17 credits.

Recruitment and enrollment process and schedule

The YABC is an official Department of Education program offered with no fee to the student. The school calendar year is in keeping with the Department of Education's daily schedule to include summer school days.

Students can be referred to the Tottenville YABC by

  1. First meeting with their high school guidance counselor
  2. The guidance counselor must review  the transcript to make sure the student records reflect at least the17 credits earned that are required
  3. A Y1 and Y2 form  filled out by the guidance counselor should then be faxed to the YABC Program Administrator's office along with a copy of the student's transcript and immunization forms

After receiving this information the Program Administrator will confirm eligibility and the student will be contacted for an enrollment interview.  A parent and/or guardian is required to be present at this meeting regardless of the student's age and living arrangement.

Orientation takes place after the above stated process is completed.  Students are enrolled for the fall semester from June to Oct 15  and for the Spring term from January to March 15.

For additional information contact:
Michael De Vito, Jr.
Email:  mdevito@nycid.org               
Phone: 718-947-4065
Young Adult Borough Center @ Tottenville High School
100 Luten Ave
Staten Island, New York 10312

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