Tuesday, October 02, 2012

The Training Institute at the NY Center

Designing professional and customized training that serves the needs and interests of our clients is the hallmark of New York Center’s Training Institute.  Participants are energized by our interactive and experiential workshops that provide them with real-life conflict resolution skills, concepts and strategies.  All workshops are held in an engaging and enjoyable learning environment.


Mediation Training
The New York Center offers basic and specialized mediation training and certification to its own staff, volunteers and outside professionals in accordance with the guidelines set forth by the Office of ADR Programs of the Unified Court System.  The New York Center is the only entity on Staten Island offering these approved trainings.  Further, we are an approved New York State and New Jersey Continuing Legal Education provider, drawing participants from throughout the greater New York region.

A sampling of feedback from participants include:  

 "Sequoia Stalder and his team effectively teach and integrate their students in relevant skill application and philosophy with a welcome intensity, diffused only by humor and humility, allowing for an in depth, practical and educational experience"

 "There are many walking time-bombs in both my career and my neighborhood.  If this 4 day session helps me de-fuse even one, it was well worth the time and price"

"I loved this training. You covered so much in a short period of time and I really feel like I came away with a solid understanding of the mediation practice."

"The understanding based approach really spoke to me.  I am so amazed and appreciative that a framework like that exists."

 "The training was amazing.  It was so engaging and applicable to so many scenarios.  There was a great mix of students and the trainers really helped the class develop a rapport with each other."

  "I would highly recommend this training for any attorney ~ whether you are interested in mediation or not.  The communication skills will make me a more effective fact gatherer from my clients, a more effective negotiator with my adversaries and a more effective advocate before tribunals of every kind.  For the practitioner ~ either as mediator or advocate ~ this training is indispensable.”

 "The trainers helped to put theory into real context and brought the beauty and magic of mediation to life."

“This mediation program challenged the preconceptions and intellect of everyone who attended.  Countless “ah ha” moments were witnessed as students learned about themselves, as much as the “process” of mediation.  My tuition, travel expense from Pittsburgh and hotel costs were only a fraction of the value I received."

"Attending the top quality training “Divorce Mediation” has been extremely useful to deepen and broaden my understanding of conflict’s subtle dynamics and to improve dramatically my response to them as a mediator. Excellent trainers, inspiring, atmosphere."

Other training available includes

A.C.T. for the Children 

A program designed by the New York State Unified Court System to educate divorcing or separating parents about the impact of their breakup on their children.  Classes are conducted by psychologists, family therapists, social workers, lawyers and mediators. Attendance may be mandated by judicial order or self-elected by the parent. 

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