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NYCID After-School at the Staten Island School of Civic Leadership

Who can attend?
If your children, from 6-13 years old, attend the Staten Island School of Civic Leadership and attend kindergarten to eighth grade, they are welcome to enroll in the after-school program.

Our after school program operates Monday through Friday from 2:25 – 6 PM following the Dept. of Education calendar.
  • Snack is provided by the Office of School Food every day
  • Homework hour follows immediately. All staff members are available for homework assistance. This is not one-to-one tutoring. The children will complete as much as possible at the end of the hour. Any remaining homework should be completed at home.
  • After homework students will participate in activities like sports/recreation, game room, and arts and crafts.
  • On Fridays we provide the children a break from homework and allow them to watch a movie in the auditorium.

Benefits of program participation

·    You know that this program provides a safe, healthy, and stimulating place for your children and youth.
·    The after-school program promotes the social, emotional, and physical development of your children and youth through a variety of activities, usually of their choice.

·        Research shows that after-school programs can enhance academic achievement. Participants show increased interest and ability  in reading, develop new skills and interests, improve school attendance, increase engagement in school and turn in more and better quality homework and spend more time on task.

Information and Orientation

After-school staff is available at the school orientation that takes place at the end of August as well as at every scheduled PTA meeting throughout the school year. Open enrollment allows parents the ability to meet with staff for an overview and orientation as family circumstances change.

Robert Busan
Staten Island School of Civic Leadership
280 Regis Drive
Staten Island, NY 10314

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