Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Need Help Getting a Diploma?

[earn a diploma and a job]

It's hard to got a diploma or a job when you have a checkered background. The NY Center offers some alternatives that may provide all of you some choices. Maybe one of them is just the program for you.

Dear Nancy and Sid,
No one wants to hire me without a high school diploma or GED and I haven’t got one. I’m almost 20 and can’t read. Well, I may be able to read some, but I haven’t got a diploma or a job. I don’t know what to do with my life. Help. – Joe

Dear Nancy and Sid,
I haven’t kept the job or two I was able to get. They were boring and paid nothing. Someday I’d like to go to college or join the military. -- Annie

Dear Nancy and Sid,
I’m still pretty young and no one wants to give me a chance at something. How can I try out a job, get a good recommendation and maybe even get paid while I do it? – Jamal

Dear Nancy and Sid,
I dropped out of school (am thinking about dropping out). It’s tough to finish when I’ve got a ton of problems­ -- Sometimes with my family, no place to live, no money, druggy friends, stuff like that.  Is there any place I can get some help? -- Mary

Dear Joe, Annie, Mary and Jamal,

You’ll feel much more confident and people will be more inclined to give you a chance if…
  • ·         You learn to read and master the other things you need to get a diploma
  • ·         Work with a case manager to handle the problems that are screwing you up
  • ·         Learn about how to prepare for a job
  • ·         Do an internship or two

Here are some places where NYCID can help: 
  •  ACE in St. George has a variety of programs for young adults from 16-24 without a diploma or job. Learn more here.
  • YABC in Tottenville can help students, 17 1/2 -2,1 who have at least 17 credits earn a diploma from their home school. It’s an evening program. Check it out and talk with us or your school guidance counselor.
  •  Olympus Academy in Canarsie is a transfer school for 16-21 year old under-credited students who need a small, supportive environment. This school may be just what you need.

Your future is in your hands, but these NYCID programs are here to help.

Let us know how you make out,
Nancy and Sid 

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