Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Introducing Candace Gonzalez

I am a hardworking but fun loving individual that loves to be around people. I grew up in a very loving and fun environment. My mother is an artist and a dance teacher and my father was a business man, so I guess I get my business acumen from my dad and my love of music, dance and art from my mom. It strikes a good balance for me.

The first dance that she taught my sister and I was called “mixed pickles”. It was a very fast paced dance from Bulgaria that had a long, funny name that we couldn’t pronounce. In order to keep up with the steps Mom had us repeat the words mixed pickles and we did just fine!

My professional life took a turn 10 years ago when I got involved in the conflict resolution field. I trained to be a mediator with New York Center (YPIS at the time) because I heard that they have the best trainings. After the training, I thought that I would be able to solve everyone’s problems. Well I guess I may not have done exactly that but I did solve my problem about finding a work environment that is fun, caring and helps people.

I am excited about New York Center’s blog and I hope that you are too! We are always interested in meeting new people and hearing their adventures. So please let us know something exciting about you, you never know, you may end up working here too!

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