Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Learn to Mediate

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Dear Nancy and Sid,
I’d like to learn how to help people resolve their conflicts and disputes and I think it would be great to try out mediation as a new job or career. Can I volunteer in order to get some experience? – Glenn

Dear Nancy and Sid,
I’d like to expand my practice into custody, visitation, and divorce mediation. Do you offer that training? – Kathryn

Dear Glenn and Kathryn,

Yes, you can take courses to master conflict resolution skills, concepts and strategies through the NY Center’s Training Institute. Here’s some feedback from our participants:

     "There are many walking time-bombs in both my career and my neighborhood.  If this 4 day session helps me de-fuse even one, it was well worth the time and price"
     "I would highly recommend this training for any attorney ~ whether you are interested in mediation or not.  The communication skills will make me a more effective fact gatherer from my clients, a more effective negotiator with my adversaries and a more effective advocate before tribunals of every kind.  For the practitioner ~ either as mediator or advocate ~ this training is indispensable.”

We offer professional and customized workshops. All are interactive and experiential. And, the feedback from our participants has been outstanding. To learn more about our mediation workshops click here.
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